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News Flash!

X10 is Back!!!

It's been a long time in the making, but the new X10 company is making headway in it's quest to climb out of the shadows of its shady predecessor.  Long gone are the sleazy pop-up adds and cheaply built products.

I have to say, the new company is more concerned with quality and functionality.  Several old products have been redesigned to be quieter, more reliable, and more functional in today's world of home automation.

With that, X10 has released the much anticipated WM100 WiFi Hub to work with existing PLC modules. While it doesn't replace the functionality of the old CM15 or CM11 computer interfaces, it does allow for timers and remote control from tablet or smartphone devices.

With over 4 years in R&D on the unit alone, this unit throws more signal strength than any controller X10 WTI released in the last 25 years. Setup is a breeze, and at $99.99, it less than half price of the next available X10 hub, while supporting both iOS AND Android.

Well done X10, keep up the good work and win the world (back).

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